About Us

Hydracor Hydraulics began trading in January 1984 to represent Pedro Roquet S.A. To supplement the product range, Hydracor was also appointed as distributor for White Drive Products who is the second largest manufacturer of geroller type motors in the USA.

Both of these agencies are held on an exclusive basis in South Africa. Hydracor is now the largest Roquet distributor in World and in the top 10 for White. Recently, new product lines from Lu-En, OMT, AMA and Smit in Italy have expanded the range of products offered. The founding members are Mike Oscroft, who is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and worked at the Roquet factory for nearly a year in the early '70s, and Christo Kapp who has a very wide experience, particularly in the agricultural market.

The Head office is in Cape Town and there is a branch operating in Johannesburg. Workshop facilities are available in both branches to support the sales effort - the same is also true of hose assembly facilities.

Hydracor's primary strength has always been its gear pumps and motors, manual control valves and 'low speed, high torque' geroller motors which have found wide use in agriculture, transport and general industry. Other items in the product range are ideally suited to the more sophisticated industrial, mining and marine markets. Many of the Roquet and White products are available in configurations which interchange with other well-known marks but at substantially reduced prices and comparable, if not better, quality.

Supplying high quality products at competitive prices, Hydracor could be ideal solution to all your hydraulic needs.